A Simcro solution is built on solid partnerships, genuine innovation and trusted ability to deliver. Our history in the pharmaceutical delivery industry goes back decades, but our focus is on the future. As the world grows, the pressure is on to develop more efficacious pharmaceutical treatments for production and companion animals. This can often mean creating compounds that are challenging or even dangerous to administer using traditional delivery system methodologies. Simcro has proven experience creating highly innovative solutions to administer these discoveries effectively, efficiently, and safely. Our most recent developments, such as the Optiline™ sheep drencher for Novartis Animal Health, the Sekurus™ safety injector family for Pfizer Animal Health, and the intramammary syringe for Merial, have all overcome significant challenges that previously had never been solved. These projects highlight Simcro's ability to deliver solutions that others can't imagine.We also know there's more to consider than simply delivering an unfailingly accurate dose. Our solutions are fully integrated and include primary and secondary packaging, protective shrouds and related accessories. A focus on animal welfare, operator safety, treatment efficacy, user experience and commercial viability are the hallmarks of our products. Simcro products enhance the value of our clients' brands. Simcro Partners, Innovates and Delivers.
Our customised developments are some of the most innovative and recognisable around the world. Our most recent successes with the Optiline™ Drencher and Sekurus™ Self-Tenting prove how our experience can benefit your brands.
The combination of long lead times and regulatory constraint are unique to the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, pharmaceutical companies need partners who are reliable, research and development focused, and innovative.

Simcro has a significant record of partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, often in highly confidential market sensitive projects. Our partners have complete confidence in our ability to operate both professionally and in total confidence.
As a result, many Simcro projects are engineered from a standing start, without necessarily being constrained by 'traditional' solutions. The revolutionary in-line drench action of the Optiline™ Drencher is a prime example – a delivery method as innovative as the drench it administers.

Our approach is to add value throughout development and often the earlier we are involved, the better. As our clients can attest, we're not afraid to challenge a brief if it improves the result.

These unique factors have been the difference for the world's largest companies. Novartis, Pfizer, Merial and a number of other global pharmaceutical companies have partnered with Simcro to bring to market uniquely tailored proprietary solutions.